The general manager of Xinhang Technology was invited to participate in the 2nd China-Ukraine Economic and Trade Investment Cooperation Forum

The general manager of Xinhang Technology was invited to participate in the 2nd China-Ukraine Economic and Trade Investment Cooperation Forum and successfully signed the agreement for the admission of the Zhongmu Bale National Industrial Park.


On August 16, 2018, the second China-Ukraine Economic and Trade Investment Cooperation Forum was successfully held in Kampala, Uganda. Ugandan President Museveni, Chinese Ambassador to Uganda Zheng Zhuqiang, Ukrainian Engineering and Transportation Minister Azuba, Ukrainian Ministry of Finance Planning and Investment Minister Bahati, Chinese and Ukrainian government departments and think tank academic representatives, industry experts and scholars, representatives of Chinese and Ukrainian enterprises More than 600 people from the Ukrainian Embassy and local media reporters attended the forum.


In his speech, President Museveni said that Africa is rich in natural resources and pleasant in climate. He is very happy to see China’s contribution in the field of infrastructure and industrialization in Uzbekistan. The two hydropower stations built by Chinese enterprises have doubled the capacity of Uzbekistan. Chinese-funded enterprises will also undertake the construction of the Wu Railway project, all of which help Uganda reduce its business costs. President Museveni believes that the return on investment in Africa is higher than that in other regions such as Europe. It is an ideal investment location for investors. The Ukrainian government should vigorously attract investors from all over the world including China, and will also strengthen communication with the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine. To help solve the problems faced by Chinese investors.


Ambassador Zheng reviewed the pragmatic cooperation between China and Uzbekistan in the fields of industrialization and infrastructure construction in recent years, and introduced the contribution of Chinese-funded enterprises to expanding employment, balancing trade deficits and improving the business environment. Going to the progress of the Zhongmu Bale Industrial Park. Ambassador Zheng said that this year is a big year for China-Africa relations. The Beijing Summit of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum to be held in early September has received positive response from African countries. Ugandan President Museveni confirmed his attendance at the summit. The summit will combine the “One Belt and One Road” between China and Africa, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the AU’s “2063 Agenda” and the development strategies of African countries, and launch new strategies and new measures to strengthen all-round cooperation between China and Africa. China-Africa comprehensive strategic partnership has opened up new opportunities and new horizons. I believe that more Chinese companies will invest in Uzbekistan in the future and contribute to Uganda’s economic development.

Under the witness of President Museveni and Zheng Zhuqiang, Ronghui Investment Co., Ltd. and Hebei Xinhang Iron Tower Technology Co., Ltd. respectively signed an admission agreement with Tiantang Group, involving heavy steel structure and industrial steel structure. , paper packaging and printing, all kinds of power transmission and transformation power towers, communication towers and cement Products, the total investment amount is nearly 210 million US dollars.


After the signing ceremony, President Museveni and Tian Zhigang, Chairman of Tiantang Group, and Yang Fei, General Manager of Xinhang Technology, cordially talked about it, and said that the Tower project is of great significance to the development of Uganda’s power transmission. Welcome Xinbo Technology to invest in Uzbekistan. At the forum, more than 100 enterprises from China and Uzbekistan also conducted investment cooperation intention negotiations. Many powerful enterprises had docked with Tiantang Group and expressed strong interest in entering the park

The Zhongmu Bale Industrial Park held a grand groundbreaking ceremony in March this year. The Ugandan President was invited to attend and unveiled the park. Up to now, the park has signed an admission agreement with dozens of enterprises, and three enterprises will start construction before the end of the year.