Wholesale Multifunctional Wifi Telecommunication Artificial Tree Monopole Tower

Camouflaged Palm tree communication tower:It is communication pole tower,adding to all kinds of barks and leaves in it. The resulting fronds are true to life in size and in the way it flexes in the wind when compared to their natural counterparts. In addition to the natural appearance and wind action, all fronds are RF transparent and extend beyond the face of the antenna array. Wind Tunnel tests of frond assemblies have had excellent survivability in winds in excess of 80mph. We also offers Palm tree designs with the antennas inside the trunk, Pineapple, and even a dead frond radome with no antennas visible. This configuration offers the ultimate in tree concealment. The tree bark is molded from custom formulated polyurethane; approximately one and a half pounds per square foot. The bark is made from molds created from actual algae tree bark. The natural curve, cracks and texture of true bark is re-created in true to life detail. Artisans then finish the bark with appropriate painting and highlighting, creating a very naturalistic look. As with all our poles, the bark is adhered to a pole that has already been hot dip galvanized offering yet another layer of protection from the elements. With no maintenance required, the bark life expectancy is well over 30 years. If fading occurs over time the bark can easily be repainted.