Wholesale Cheap Price Fire Station Training Angle Lattice Steel Watchtower Observation Tower

Forest observation tower or forest fire monitoring tower is composed of tower body, platform, tower, ladder, simple room and lightning protection system. The structure of the watch tower is generally a steel structure tower, which is easy to disassemble and assemble. The plane is quadrilateral free-standing or brushed. The main curve is generally a broken line, and the internal structure is a cross. The upper part is provided with a working platform or a duty room. There are inclined ladders or rotating ladders inside. The watchtower produced by our company. Reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, durable products.

 Forest Watchtower is a flexible tool for forest fire prevention, publicity and arrangement of fire prevention tasks, organization of fire prevention work, effective protection of nature, command fire control in emergency situations, and fire control in forestry departments. Tower steel structure monitoring system. equipment! The structure is reasonable, the appearance is beautiful, and the product is durable. The aluminum alloy monitoring tower requires no external maintenance and can be used safely for 30 years.